Mineral zinc essential for life

Zinc, essential mineral for life

Different minerals become essential for human life, intervening in important functions of the organism and that, if it did not exist, many functions would be limited. Zinc is an important mineral and we get it easily with a balanced diet, although despite having it in a few quantities, its lack can bring us health problems.

What is zinc? It is a very abundant mineral element in the environment and is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. An element so simple that it fulfills important tasks such as protein synthesis, to intervene in the metabolism of the phosphorus, help to develop the skeleton and the entire bone structure.

In children, a fundamental mineral element is made, it is known to be essential for life, but it must be acquired from the period of lactation to avoid different serious health limitations permanently.

What is zinc for and what are its effects?

This mineral was studied following the emergence of patients with anemia, specifically iron deficiency. What was interesting was that zinc helped in the treatment of anemia.

Its large distribution in different functions and its presence in more than 100 enzymes that intervene in protein synthesis, produce insulin and strengthen the immune system, make it essential. Zinc absorbed by the body will be accumulated mainly in nails, bone tissue, hair and muscles.

The benefits of Zinc from wound healing to cold improvements

Zinc’s health benefits

Zinc is a well-known mineral, essential for strengthening the immune system and is not for less, as it is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions. This element is as important as iron to our organism.

It is the immune system that is responsible for repelling and fighting viruses and bacteria that attack the body, function impossible to perform if there is no micronutrient.

In the same way, zinc is necessary for the formation of proteins that are involved in the genetic material, that is why it is recommended to guarantee its presence from pregnancy so that the child develops healthy and strong.

There are many benefits of zinc for the body, helps wound healing, improves the sense of smell, improves cold symptoms and will surely be involved in many other benefits that escape us.

Detects zinc deficiencies in time

In the body everything functions as a system, each element or process is connected to each other, depending on each other. Vitamins and minerals that act in our body also work.

Zinc does not escape that dynamic, being possible to recognize when you have deficiencies of this mineral.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency include:

a.- Low defenses and weak immune system, always prone to diseases from lack of zinc. It is this mineral that helps fight diseases by intervening in the formation of white blood cells.

b.- In the absence of zinc, one of the diseases that gives away its absence is diarrhoea, also helps to recognize zinc deficiency in children.

c.- Unhealthy hair is associated with thyroid conditions, another consequence of zinc deficiency in the body that could lead to alopecia.

d.- Finally, another symptom of deficiency is the formation of acne or rashes on the skin.

What can you eat to improve the presence of zinc in your body?

If you’ve been found with deficiency of this important mineral, don’t forget to add these foods to your regular diet.

It would be hard to make a list of foods, but if I can recommend some zinc-rich foods like pumpkin seeds or any cucurbitaceae. Another food is chocolate, nuts, meats, dairy and some vegetables such as spinach.

When the lack of a mineral element causes imbalances in our body, this takes time to manifest. That’s why a balanced diet that provides the necessary nutrients is important for a healthy life.

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Mineral zinc essential for life

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