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Xpecia Reviews. Since Xpecia Tablet entered Spain and later Europe thanks to our company, we have received a bad acceptance by the competition. We get a lot of bad reviews of our product on Amazon. Trying to remove our product effectiveness, bad image and negative health results.

reviews xpecia tablet

From here we want to give a different opinion, we know that our product is completely safe, has passed all health controls in Spain and is suitable for sale and consumption.

Bad reviews Xpecia

Many of those negative comments are focused on the health issue. That if Xpecia produces high voltage,that if accelerated pulse,ect…

We all know that Xpecia Tablet as the main component contains Saw Palmetto. This ingredient produced by a plant called Serenoa Repens is very peculiar and is the only one that if you take in large quantities you can have some of the most severe, rare and less likely side effects of Saw Palmetto.

  • Easy bruising or bleeding (bleeding from the nose or gums)
  • Any bleeding that doesn’t stop;
  • Signs of bleeding in the stomach, bloody or tarted stools, coughing up blood or vomiting that looks like ground coffee;
  • Pancreas problems, severe pain in the upper stomach that extends to your back, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat
  • Liver problems, nausea, upper stomach pain, itching, feeling tired, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored faeces, jaundice (yellow skin or eyes).

Common Side Effects:

  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation;
  • Headache, dizziness; Or
  • Impotence, sexual problems.

As long as you take the amount recommended by the manufacturer does not have to have any side effects, but you would be the most common. Which disappear over time and only come out at the beginning of taking it.

You should never have the most serious side effects if you do as you’re told and don’t exceed the recommended amount. What’s more, Xpecia contains just the right amount of saw palmetto to make its effectiveness and not produce any effects.

If you have chronic illnesses and take medications you should consult with your doctor. It is the one that should tell you the compatibility with Xpecia and whether it is good or not to take it.

Xpecia vs competition

We don’t even want to name other brands of hair vitamins similar to Xpecia Tablet. We say similar because their formulas are similar and are focused on the same clients as us. We have never discredited or misspoken of our competitors. Everyone knows that Xpecia Tablet is the pioneer in this field and we are the first to sell special vitamins for hair before and post hair transplant.

So to say that we are in the TOP 10 sales on Amazon in hair products and we do not need to speak other products.

Xpecia is NOT a drug

They often confuse Xpecia Tablet as if it were a medicine. That is not true, Xpecia Tablet is a dietary supplement based on plants, vitamins and minerals. Or also referred to as a dietary supplement,or vitamin supplement.

Xpecia has a leaflet,indicating its ingredients as well as their quantities, information about their origin and their distributors.

Xpecia is not a magical product, it requires consistency, time and dedication to prove its results. It’s not worth taking a single box to make you light a peel. You have to take more amount and not pass any takes. Time will give you the results.

Xpecia Positive Reviews

Saw Palmetto
Independently verified
4.65 rating (792 reviews)

These are our customers and even if they vote negatively we publish the comments. We are open to critics to keep improving. We’re not afraid of what they’re going to say. We just want to be able to answer the bad critics invented and made with Dolo to discredit our products.

Xpecia Tablet Original Product

As you know the manufacturer of Xpecia is Enbipharma,a pharmacist specialized in the world of alopecia for more than 25 years.

We, BeySanchez Import SL, are your official distributors in Spain. All our products are imported to Spain from Turkey. Completely original, however, due to the legislation of our country, this forces us to have the boxes come in the Spanish language, as well as their prospect. In this way it is understandable to reading by Spanish consumers. That’s the only difference you can have with boxes purchased in Turkey.

If you want to leave us a comment we would be completely grateful. We have opened the comments on this page so that we can answer the questions and questions

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