Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Hair Loss Treatment. Hair is an essential part of our image and therefore of our identity. We all want to have hair that looks good; therefore, we spend time and effort washing it, combing it, cutting it, fixing it, dyeing it and much more. In fact, healthy hair can be an important part of physical beauty.

Because of the importance of hair, it is that the difficulties with it translate into serious problems of image and self-esteem. And there are many difficulties that can arise around it; however, none seems to be more worrying and difficult to treat than hair loss and in more severe cases, alopecia.

Alopecia is the progressive decrease of hair due to its fall and the impossibility of hair follicles re-generating new hair. It is not too clear why this happens, but there is talk that in some cases it is an inherited condition.

This condition can occur in both men and women, but is much more common in male individuals; for both of them, it’s very difficult to deal with. Many tirelessly seek a solution to this problem, making use of all kinds of products and treatments. The aesthetic industry has made a diversity of proposals to treat baldness; but, in most cases, the results are not too encouraging.

However, a treatment is currently applied that has been shown to be quite efficient to strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling out, this is laser therapy.

What is Laser Hair Loss Treatment?

This is a treatment in which LED diodes are used over the cranial area. This light has been proven to have the ability to produce better blood supply where it is applied. So this treatment promotes cell repair.

The cellular stimulation produced by this treatment allows the hair follicles of the scalp to strengthen, preventing it from dying, favoring the growth of healthy hair and preventing it from falling out. However, it has no effect on areas that have already been deeply affected by alopecia.

The application of the laser on the scalp has a lot of benefits that will help stop the progression of baldness: cell regeneration, favors the absorption of nutrients, strengthens hair, among others.

How is Laser Hair Loss Treatment applied?

This treatment is applied in centers specialized in aesthetics that have the necessary equipment for this. The LED diodes are applied to the scalp by a device that is placed on the head, this device can be the style of a cap, cap or helmet.

Prior to treatment, the patient will be evaluated to determine how many sessions it requires and how long these will be; so you can get the best possible results.

It is important to note that this is a completely painless treatment; because it’s not invasive. The patient will not have any unpleasant feelings beyond a little heat in the area.

Who is Laser Hair Loss Treatment recommended for?

This treatment can be applied to anyone who is interested in strengthening their scalp to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. People with alopecia will find it a fantastic method to slow the progression of this condition and will be able to notice clear improvement.

This treatment is much more affective in people where the alopecia condition has not advanced much. It is also highly recommended for those who have had a hair graft.

What is the price of these treatments?

There are many types of special devices to offer you this treatment, from laser caps,to other types of more sophisticated and expensive devices. Prices range from 15 o’m to $1000. Depending on your budget you can choose one or the other.

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