Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

Conditions of sale

Return policy

Our policy, in compliance with current regulations, is to grant you the right to return any item purchased in “Sawpalmetto.eu” within 15 days from the date of receipt. To make the return, the product must be in perfect condition, with all labels attached, in its original packaging and with any other promotional product included. Like when you received it, without being used or manipulated. For the management of returns the customer will send the package with the courier company of their choice and freight at their expense. If the change or return is made in our physical store it will be free of charge. For processing you must contact our contact form. It is important that there is no damage to the original packaging when packing the item. In the event that it is returned without such original or damaged packaging, the amount to be paid to the customer for the return of the product will be decreased by the corresponding amount according to the condition of the returned product.

Once the product has been received in our warehouses and after checking the condition of the warehouse, the amount will be refunded through the payment method used in the purchase. If the exchange or return comes from Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands or International, both the return costs and the customs costs and local taxes, will be the responsibility of the customer. If the product does not correspond to the order placed by the customer, “Sawpalmetto.eu” will charge all expenses. To carry out any management it will be necessary to present the original purchase invoice issued by “Sawpalmetto.eu”. No shipment of goods will be made until the returned item has been received in our warehouse and it has been proven that it returns in perfect condition. Once we have contacted the customer we will proceed to the collection of the product, totally free of charge and the incident will be processed.


In case of defective product, the company will proceed as appropriate to the repair, replacement, reduction of the price or resolution of the purchase, procedures that will be free for the consumer. The company is responsible for any non-compliance that occurs within 1 day of delivery.

Terms of payment

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Payment Deferred by Aplazame
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The customer declares that he has full capacity to make the purchase, being of legal age and being in possession of a valid credit or debit card and issued by a bank that is acceptable to the company. The Customer guarantees and is responsible that all the data provided on his/her card is valid.


All shipments within the Spanish territory are by certified mail (mail price list here). With a minimum price of 3,99 euros and depending on the weight we will charge you something else. Remember to put your necessary contact phone for shipping. Preparation of package shipment and collection can take between 24 and 48 hours. By this I mean that if you buy a product you can get home in maximum 72 hours, from the date of purchase. And also depending on emails and their saturations on designated dates. We’ll still send you the tracking number


These terms of use of the website govern the terms of access and use of SawPalmeto.eu, owned by BeySanchez Import SL and e-mail sawpalmetto.eu gmail.com, hereinafter referred to as “Saw Palmetto.eu”, which the portal user must accept to use all services and information provided from the portal.

The user as well as the Company, owner of the portal, may be jointly referred to as the parties. The mere access or use of the portal, all or part of its contents and services means full acceptance of these conditions of use. The provision and use of the portal is understood to be subject to strict compliance with the terms contained in these conditions of use of the portal.

Portal content

Information and services

Users can access different types of information and services through the portal. The portal reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the information and services offered from the portal. The user expressly acknowledges and accepts that at any time the portal may interrupt, disable and/or cancel any information or service. The portal will make its best efforts to try to ensure availability and accessibility to the web. However, sometimes, for reasons of maintenance, updating, relocation, etc., it may result in the interruption of access to the portal.

Portal Responsibility for Content

Opc A. The application does not intervene in the creation of those contents and / or services provided or provided by third parties in and / or through the application, just as it does not control its legality. In any case, it does not offer any kind of guarantee on them. The user acknowledges that the application is not and will not be responsible for the contents and/ or services provided or provided by third parties in and/or through the application. You agree that the application shall not be liable for any damage or damage caused as a result of the use of this information or third-party services.

Except where expressly imposed by law otherwise, and only to the extent and extent to which it imposes it, the application does not guarantee or assume any liability with respect to the possible damages caused by the use and use of the information, data and services of the application.

In any case, the application excludes any liability for damages that may be due to the information and / or services provided or provided by third parties other than the Company. All liability shall be the third party, whether supplier, collaborator or other.

Opc B. The application will control the lawfulness of those content or services provided through the platform by third parties. In the event that the user as a result of the use of the application suffers any damage or damage, he/she may communicate it and the measures deemed appropriate to solve it will be taken.

User’s Obligations

The user must respect at all times the terms and conditions established in this legal notice. Expressly, the user declares that he/she will use the portal diligently and assuming any responsibility that may arise from the breach of the rules.

The user undertakes, in those cases that are requested for data or information, not to misrepresent his identity by posing as any other person. The user accepts that the use of the Portal will be carried out for strictly personal, private and private purposes. The user may not use the portal for activities contrary to the law, morality and public order as well as for purposes prohibited or that violate or damage the rights of third parties. Likewise, the dissemination, storage and / or management of data or content that infringes the rights of third parties or any regulations regulating intellectual or industrial property rights is prohibited.

Likewise, the user may not use the portal to transmit, store, disclose promote or distribute data or content that are carriers of viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or impair the software or computer or telecommunications equipment.

The user undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the portal for any damage, damage, penalty, fine, penalty or compensation that has to be faced by the portal.

LOPD compliance

The portal adopts for the processing of data all technical and organizational security measures that are of obligation, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation.

The user expressly states that any personal or third party data that you access, enter, modify or delete, you have the right to do so or have the express authorization of this third party. The portal informs the user that he/she can exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by going to the following address: sawpalmetto.eu gmail.com

Terms and Conditions of Customer Evaluation

These terms and conditions apply to CUSTOMER REVIEWS LTD (registered in England and Wales) 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ, Company No. 11364361 and companies and other organisations that installed and activated Reviews of customers for the WooCommerce plugin.


(A) Customer reviews have skills, knowledge and experience in collecting, presenting and analyzing consumer feedback, market research and reputation management, especially in relation to companies with a strong online presence.

(B) The Customer operates a business in which the customer’s email addresses are maintained and linked to a sale or other business transaction. Customer Reviews provide an add-on to review collection and operate a website where feedback can be displayed through which customers interact with the Customer.

1 consumer details

1.1 You will provide us with Consumer Details for all relevant transactions within one month from the date of the transaction.

1.2 Ensure that consumer details are accurate and error-free to the extent reasonably possible.

1.3 We will use consumer details to send an email only requesting feedback. We will no longer make contact with any Consumer except:

1.3.1. with the prior written consent of you and/or the Consumer;

1.3.2. where the details of that Consumer have been provided to us by a third party;

1.3.3. as required by law or any court, court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction; and/or

1.3.4. to inform the Consumer of a response he has made to his comments; and/or

1.3.5. for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

2 rights

All company names, trademarks and other trademarks of the company and the website belong to Customer Or Third Party Reviews and may only be used for commercial purposes after prior permission from us or third parties, respectively. The rights to our free use of contributions are not transferable, with no time limit and no territorial limits for us, by sending us the contribution. Website content may not be copied or displayed anywhere else on the Internet.

3 Compensation

Customers shall indemnify Customer Reviews for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by Customer Reviews as a result of any claim by a third party (including any claim or allegation by any authority government) that:

(a) the use of any content provided by Customer infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party and/or violates applicable law or the Guidelines;

(b) Customers’ use of Customer Feedback under this Agreement violates the Data Protection Requirements or any other applicable data privacy laws; Or

(c) any e-mail sent or caused by Customer Reviews on Customer’s behalf violates any applicable law, rule or regulation.

Customer will not file any claim against Customer Reviews arising out of or relating to any User Content, including, without limitation, any claim that The User Content is defamatory, offensive or harmful. Customer Reviews shall indemnify Customer Reviews against any loss or damage suffered or incurred by such revisions as a result of any claim, whether the Customer, any of its affiliates, its officers, directors, employees or contractors to file such a claim. , agents, shareholders or other associated third parties.

4 Limitation of Liability

4.1 Neither party excludes any Loss with respect to personal injury or death, fraudulent misrepresentation or any other Loss that cannot be legally excluded or limited by English law.

4.2 Neither party shall be liable for any loss of profits or income, loss of business opportunity, loss of goodwill or reputation, loss of data or any indirect, consequential or special loss of any kind.

5 Personal information

Our processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the law of personal data. Users can contact us if they request information about what data is processed about them or if they want the information deleted or rectified. In addition, registered users can withdraw their consent at any time, which may happen by contacting support@cusrev.com. Withdrawal of consent will be considered as a request that will be deleted as a user altogether.

We have initiated a series of technical and organizational agreements to ensure that the personal information being processed is not deleted, disappeared, deteriorated or reached into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Customer agrees to comply with its obligations under the EU Data Protection Directives as a data controller and any other binding laws and/or regulations that are implemented or complied with (“Data Protection Requirements”).

By enabling the Review Collection Services, Customer, in accordance with the Data Protection Requirements, is considered to be a Consumer Personal Data Controller, which is provided to Customer Feedback. When Customer uses Review Services, Customer Reviews are considered as the data processor. This implies that Customer Reviews will only act on Customer’s instructions with respect to personal data provided about Consumers. It is the Customer’s sole responsibility to provide such instructions to Customer Feedback. Customer Reviews will take the necessary security measures to comply with a data processor’s obligations, including ensuring that information does not (i) is accidentally or illegally destroyed, (ii) is lost, altered or damaged, (iii) disclosed or accessed by any unauthorized person, (iv) incorrectly employed or (v) in other ways treated in violation of the Data Protection Requirements. At the Customer’s request, Customer Reviews, in line with and to the extent provided in the Data Protection Requirements, will provide the Customer with sufficient information for the Customer to ensure that organizational security measures have been taken and mentioned above. All data collected and processed about Consumers after a verified copy of a review is posted on the Customer Feedback (www.cusrev.com) website is processed by Customer Feedback as a data controller. in line with and to the extent provided in the Data Protection Requirements, provide the Customer with sufficient information to ensure that the technical and organizational security measures mentioned above have been taken. All data collected and processed about Consumers after a verified copy of a review is posted on the Customer Feedback (www.cusrev.com) website is processed by Customer Feedback as a data controller. in line with and to the extent provided in the Data Protection Requirements, provide the Customer with sufficient information to ensure that the technical and organizational security measures mentioned above have been taken. All data collected and processed about Consumers after a verified copy of a review is posted on the Customer Feedback (www.cusrev.com) website is processed by Customer Feedback as a data controller.

Customer reviews are not responsible and assume no responsibility for consumer conduct or use of the customer review service, including content posted by consumers (such content, “User Content” ). Customer Reviews do not control and cannot monitor User Content and Customer Reviews do not endorse any User Content, nor do the opinions expressed in the User Content represent the opinions of the Customer Reviews Customer, its affiliates or any of its directors or directors. , employees, contractors or shareholders.

The Agreement shall not be deemed to be an endorsement, approval or recommendation of the Customer, products or services of the Customer by customer reviews. The customer may not market himself or otherwise give public statements in conflict with the foregoing.

Your use of Customer Feedback Service must comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Customer Feedback warrants to Customer Feedback that your use of the Customer Feedback Service will in no way prevent Customer Feedback from violating applicable laws, rules or regulations or infringing the privacy rights of third parties.

When writing a review, your name and/or email address will still be visible to the company being reviewed through the customer’s dashboard, even if it is configured to post anonymously.

6 Disclaimer

Customer reviews do not produce or post contributions on the website. Customer feedback is not responsible for reviews and comments made on the website. If you want to remove or discuss a problem with the website, please send an email to support@cusrev.com.

Customer Reviews accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of contributions posted by users registered on the website, including contributions from technical, external or other causes that may be modified or deleted in connection with the publication on the website or the following.

Customer Reviews do not read or edit the aggregate contribution to the website and in no way may be responsible for the content of these contributions. In the event that contributions contain links to third parties, Customer Reviews will not accept any responsibility for the content of the link in question.

Recommendations from Customer Reviews and referrals to specific companies, online stores, etc. are only a guide and Customer Reviews cannot be held accountable if the guide’s recommendation is incorrect, misleading, or similar.

Under no circumstances can customer reviews be made to compensate for the use of the website or code, including loss of income, loss of work, market interruptions, loss of goodwill or similar losses. In addition, customer reviews cannot be made to pay compensation or similar as a result of errors or downtime.

Customer Reviews reserve the right to revise these terms at any time, as well as the right to close the website as a result of its own evaluation without notice.

We reserve the right to remove requested reviews from external websites.

Reviews requested outside the Customer Reviews ecosystem may be marked and moderate.

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