Xpecia for women vitamins

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Xpecia Women with the best ingredients to strengthen and grow your long hair. Especially for women with alopecia, recover your hair in the most natural way, without chemical compounds or allergic lotions.

For this reason you should take Xpecia Women:

  • It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for hair and skin to be healthy.
  • It blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone hormone), which is the main reason for male pattern hair loss.
  • Improves hair quality and increases hair growth.
  • Prolong the anagen phase.
  • Doesn’t cause weight gain or appetite
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Today women prefer to take Xpecia for hair loss, as the other methods to prevent hair loss are very difficult due to their long hairs. For example, the use of lotions or topical medications hinder scan, produce odors and irritations in addition to skin allergies. Xpecia woman is taken orally and without side effects as long as it is taken as recommended. With only two pills a day one in the morning and one in the evening. So for three months and then you can take one pill a day for a maintenance of your hair. This treatment requires consistency and long-term patience. This way you can end the male pattern baldness. This treatment is necessary for a long period of time. If the patient stops treatment before the recommended duration, hair loss may occur again.

One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is anemia (iron deficiency). XPECIA for women is formulated to reduce anemia, as it contains FE supplements (Ferrum – Iron). FE is essential for the treatment of anemia.

Especially for women with alopecia, recover your hair in the most natural way, without chemical compounds or allergic lotions.

Another added problem for women is that vitamin supplements cause weight gain. XPECIA women is formulated with components that DO NOT increase appetite. And also are NOT included in XPECIA woman any substance that causes WEIGHT GAIN.

XPECIA for Women VITAMINS contains:

  • Saw palmetto: blocks DHT (main cause of hair loss for men and women).
  • Ginkgo biloba: increases the elasticity of blood vessels and contributes to the expansion of blood vessels.
  • Biotin: promotes hair and scalp health.
  • Pantothenic acid: increases hair quality.
  • Folic acid: promotes cell renewal.
  • Zinc: inhibits hair growth, promotes healthy growth of new hair.
  • Silica: one of the most essential nutrients for hair, helps strengthen hair, prevents hair loss.
  • L-cysteine: improves hair strength and protects against dryness and breakage.
  • Keratin: provides hair protein, strengthens hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Ferrum (iron): transmits oxygen to hair follicles, strengthens hair root and treats iron deficiency.

Ingredients of Xpecia Woman for every two tablets:

Saw palmetto 170 mg
Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract 40 mg
Biotin 1 mg
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 24 mg
Folic Acid 0.6 mg
Zinc 15 mg
L-Cysteine 40 mg
L-Methionine 40 mg
Keratin 40 mg
– Ferrum (Iron) 17 mg

How to take xpecia woman?

You have to take 2 tablets a day, one at breakfast and one at dinner. The box comes with 60 tablets, so it will last you 1 month box box. She thinks the results of Xpecia woman begin to appear within 3 months of taking her. Be patient and be consistent.

You can also take two tablets at once, but the manufacturer’s recommendation is that you take them separately, so you’ll have better spread the components in your body and they will make more effect.

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EnbiPharma pharmaceutical manufacturer of special hair products. An extensive range of products dedicated to hair loss and hair health. From vitamins for hair to an extensive range of shampoos for all types of scalps and baldness. It is one of the most valued pharmaceutical companies in Turkey and all its products are of the highest quality, such as the famous Xpecia. They offer their clients the best natural products for hair and skin care. Of course they are not transgenic, they are only of high quality and dermatologically tested
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