Texture Doctor Barber liquid wax

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  • Recommended by the best Barbers in the world
  • 250ml bottle with dispenser
  • The best combability, density, fixation, body, volume and texture to the hair
  • It is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles
  • Totally natural results

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Texture Doctor Barber liquid wax

Wax liquid with Master Formula “TEXTURE HEALTH MEN” of 250 ML – Special Barbers

Texture liquid wax is the best giving combability, density, fixation, body, volume and texture to the hair. Everything mentioned with a completely natural look, as if you weren’t wearing anything. Which makes it perfect for hairstyles that are looking for naturalness. It is also ideal as a pre-finished in hairstyles that need to battle gravity as is the situation of the “Pompadour”, helping to lift the hair and that the hairstyle holds intact for several hours, then you can use our Barber Pom or lacquer to fix it . In the situation of textured is perfect to offer body with hairdryer, before using Barro Barbero.
Texture is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles and hair, particularly suitable for fine hair and not very villages.

Easier and more comfortable to throw away by your hair, as it brings a touch dispenser.

How to use (With Dryer): Use on damp hair, distributing it in the most homogeneous viable way, and dry the hair in the recurrent way to make the hairstyle. The hair will be left with volume, body and fixation, being left with a natural look better than with some matte wax on the market.

How to use (No Dryer): Use on wet hair preferably, make the expected hairstyle and let dry. When it’s dry, comb your hair again. The hairstyle will have body, fixation, volume and will provide feeling carried out with hairdryer.

Texture Doctor Barber liquid wax


Doctor Barber

Doctor Barber is a Spanish national company with residence in Córdoba that is dedicated to products for professional barbers and hairdressers. They are manufacturers of products focused on beard hair and also manufacture many hair products, such as waxes, gels and shampoos. All of them without alcohols, with UV filter. Always with top quality raw materials and aromas of the most avant-garde. THE AUTHENTIC PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS USE DOCTOR BARBER What are you waiting for to try these products? Dr. Barber has been in the world of male hairdressing for more than 70 years, everything they do is good and always will be. The most recognized barbers in Spain undergo rigorous quality controls before bringing a new product to market. Doctor Barber is and will be the best ally of the barber. And above all from customers who want the highest quality products. Do not beg to beg and try them!
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Texture Doctor Barber liquid wax
Texture Doctor Barber liquid wax
17,99 PVP
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