CRUSELLAS Ron Superior Quina hair tonic

9,90  PVP

  • 1000ml bottle
  • Choose between EXTRA and EXTRA SUPERIOR
  • Prevents hair loss and prevents dandruff
  • Contains extract from the Quina tree
  • Dermatologically tested without animals
  • Your hair will be more nourished and hydrated from the root to the tips
  • Do not rinse with water, do not dirty or leave oily hair
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CRUSELLAS Ron Quina Top 1000 ml hair tonic

Another star product of CRUSELLAS, this is Upper Quina Rum, is a hair lotion containing extract from the quina tree. This provides an excellent vitality to your hair, it will also be healthiest and more vigorous!

Packaging there are two models to choose from: EXTRA and EXTRA SUPERIOR.

Prevents hair loss and prevents blissful dandruff. Made with quinine bark extract, which tones and revitalizes the hair, in this way gives it more shine and elasticity. It also prevents dandruff and prevents hair loss. If you have alopecia this is your perfect formula.

It is applied to wet or dry hair and leave to act unclear. If you are wondering why people are recommended this product, you have to know that they can use it by both women and men If you are one of those who want to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and strengthened at all times.

How to use this lotion?

It will depend on your hair type or the problem to attack, however you should usually make sure you have clean hair and apply it once or twice a day without clarifying. You can also do it on alternate days or once a week. This will not only help you fight hair problems, but also help you to safely prevent keeping hair with good results for a long time.

CRUSELLAS Ron Quina Top 1000 ml hair tonic

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Extra, Extra Superior



Crusellas old brand of tonics and colonies created in Havana by the brothers "Crusellas Brothers and Company". Today it is distributed by another Catalan company "Luxana" which keeps these hair tonics alive. Currently the brand is dedicated to the perfume industry of all kinds. Liquids and solids, extracts, essences, lotions, eau de colognes, ronquinas, hair lotions, hair and hair care products.
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