CRUSELLAS QUINADO Quina and Romero Hair Tonic

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  • Quantity of the pot 1000 ml
  • Dermatologically tested without animals
  • Special for alopecia problems
  • Do not rinse with water
  • Your hair will be more nourished and hydrated from the root to the tips
  • Fight dandruff and head pick-ups.

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Capillary tonic CRUSELLAS QUINADO Quina and Romero 1000 ml

If you have mild to moderate hair loss, we recommend a hair tonic which helps solve this problem effectively.

CRUSELLAS QUINADO capillary tonic quinine and rosemary herbs (1000 ml). It’s a life-saving hair tonic. Manufactured with quinine bark extract and rosemary that act as a scalp revitalizer. Favoring hair growth, it also keeps it healthy, strong and prevents falling and dandruff. Work directly on the root of your hair. Dermatologically tested without animals.

It has been known for many years that rosemary is an ingredient to revitalize the hair and leave it deeply hydrated. And the quina stimulates each hair follicle very gently, improving circulation and thus making each strand of hair stronger and more elastic.

Special for alopecia problems. Your hair will be more nourished and hydrated from the root to the ends. Fights typical head dandruff and head pickaxes when wearing caps.

To use it, simply apply it to clean, dry or damp hair. Then giving a gentle massage with the fingertips. Do not rinse, you do not need to rinse it with water as it does not dirty or grease the hair.



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Crusellas old brand of tonics and colonies created in Havana by the brothers "Crusellas Brothers and Company". Today it is distributed by another Catalan company "Luxana" which keeps these hair tonics alive. Currently the brand is dedicated to the perfume industry of all kinds. Liquids and solids, extracts, essences, lotions, eau de colognes, ronquinas, hair lotions, hair and hair care products.
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