Classic double-edged razor

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  • Original brand The Bey
  • Handle size 10 cm
  • Top quality stainless steel with non-slip control
  • 3-piece system for easy blade reloading
  • Compatible with all standard double sheets

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Classic double edge razor from The Bey ®. Made with the best quality steel and with an excellent design to give you the best precision and control over shaving. The blade angle comes perfectly to give you perfect, risk-free spinning.

Compatible with all standard double sheets such as these Treet Platinum

The Bey always seeks the perfect balance, such as the non-slip handle and with its right weight to enjoy the best shaving and with the best control. You’ll have fewer cuts and irritations using this classic double-edged razor. A smooth and precise shave thanks to its design with more weight on the head to facilitate pressure-free shaving. Reach all areas and angles on your face safely. Act also for women.

To replace the blades has the classic three-piece thread system, the safest, easiest and fastest way.

Razor Measurements:

-Head 4×2.5 cm

-Mango 10 cm

How to use a classic barber’s razor?

When you get tired of buying and wasting your money on plastic and disposable makeup and it happens to you to the real shave of men! If you have decided to move on to the most classic and legendary shaving this is your product.

You have to know a few things before you start using it, the first thing is patience, especially if you’re a rookie. First let’s look for a good shaving technique and thus avoid many unnecessary cuts on your face!

1o you have to prepare the skin, apply foam or shaving cream all over your face. If you have showered it is the best time to shave, as a good hot shower softens the hard hairs of the beard.

2o We put the razor on our face at the best possible angle, ideally the 30o. And without putting pressure on the razor, we slide it up our face. Don’t try to do the same precision you’d do with a disposable razor.

3o Shaving should always be done in the same direction as hair growth. Try stretching your skin in the areas where you have the most wrinkles for a more precise shave

4o Rinse makeup constantly to prevent soap and hair buildup. If possible with warm water, it will help shaving.

Classic double-edged razor

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The Bey

The Bey cosmetic brand for men, focused especially on professional beard and hair products. Natural products manufactured to satisfy all men in the world. They also have accessories for the beard such as combs, brushes, razors, ect. It is a Spanish brand but they sell products from all over the world.


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