Doctor Barber Wax Ointment

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  • **Choose your perfect wax with these SATIN or PREMIUM perfumes and finishes
  • Respect the health of cu hair
  • Spectacular satin glitter
  • Perfect, natural finish
  • With high-quality essences
  • Fruity fragrances, leather, cyprus and woody
  • No alcohol or acrilates
  • Maximum cleansing in your hair, no residue or oily texture
  • Quantity 150 ml, pack of 100ml + 50 ml.
  • The best price on the market
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Doctor Barber Wax Ointment.

Doctor Barber’s boys have innovated the idea of wax-ointment!

We are pleased to present the entire range of ointments/ceras made entirely of wax to water with a spectacular gloss satin and completely natural, called genuine pomade. Two different SATIN and PREMIUM models.

Satín and Premium wax ointments will give you:

  • The most comfortable way to comb your hair while always respecting the health of your hair
  • Perfect for all kinds of hairstyles, pompadour, toupee, vintage, etc.
  • Use with both dry and wet hair, you will connoy with the medium-low gloss finish
  • It does not contain alcohol or acrylates in its structure.
  • Total cleaning in your hair, since you will not have residue or oily texture.
  • It simply disappears at the first contact with the water.
  • It is scented with high quality essences and a rigorous high temperature microfiltering process.
  • Its most outstanding fragrances are: fruity, leather, cyprus and wood.

With Satín Pomade and Premium Waxes you will get a perfect and very natural finish, you will not be able to go out on the street without throwing them!

**Price for each of the two fragrances out there, choose only one in your order. Or both!! 🙂

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Weight 200 kg
hair ointment

Premium Fragrance, Satin fragrance


Doctor Barber

Doctor Barber is a Spanish national company with residence in Córdoba that is dedicated to products for professional barbers and hairdressers. They are manufacturers of products focused on beard hair and also manufacture many hair products, such as waxes, gels and shampoos. All of them without alcohols, with UV filter. Always with top quality raw materials and aromas of the most avant-garde. THE AUTHENTIC PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS USE DOCTOR BARBER What are you waiting for to try these products? Dr. Barber has been in the world of male hairdressing for more than 70 years, everything they do is good and always will be. The most recognized barbers in Spain undergo rigorous quality controls before bringing a new product to market. Doctor Barber is and will be the best ally of the barber. And above all from customers who want the highest quality products. Do not beg to beg and try them!
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