100% pure Almond Oil

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  • 100% pure Almond Oil
  • 250ml container
  • High content of vitamins E and A
  • Vegan product 100×100 natural and pure
  • Brings shine and softness to hair

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100% pure Almond Oil. Completely natural and certified Vegan. Andalusian product from the region of Malaga made with great affection. Quantity of the 250 ml bottle. This product is suitable for many applications, both for the skin and for the head, with many benefits that we tell you right now.

It has a high content of vitamins E and A, it is also quite moisturizing for the skin, softening it, is emollient and stimulates collagen and elastin. Therefore, it helps to deflate and relax the skin.

How does sweet almond oil help your hair?

Almond oil will provide the most punished shine and softness, for example, burnt hairs, brittle or scaly hairs. To apply it to the hair you have to massage with the product, covering everything and leave it at least an hour and a half on. Then we wash the hair with our frequent shampoo. You will notice great effectiveness when using often and your hair will regain its naturalness.

How does sweet almond oil help the skin?

The first thing you’ll feel when they apply it to your skin is calm. In addition to moisturizing, deflating and softening your skin. This type of product is used to improve stretch marks on the skin, it also prevents wrinkles. Being so moisturizing is very good for massages, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Use it after the shower to avoid dryness, scaling or desidation of your skin.

Warnings and precautions with almond oil:

For external use only. DO NOT ingest.

Always keep out of reach of children.

Its storage at temperatures between (8oC, 50oC). In a dry place, out of reach of sunlight and cool temperature.

Being a fairly stable product its preservation will last at least two years without losing its qualities.

It expires at three years, but following Arganour’s policy, we set an expiration date of two years and twelve months after the opening.

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Arganour is a 100% natural and BIO cosmetics company from Malaga. Cosmetics 100% Vegan made with the best ecological and natural products. Founded in 2013, it already has a very important place in the manufacture and distribution of products for body, facial and hair care, specialized in ecological and natural cosmetics. Arganour have a very important objective, and that is that everyone can enjoy the best cosmetic treatments 100% natural and BIO . They only use natural ingredients, and they DO NOT test any product on animals. Arganour is innovation and quality thanks to its innovative laboratory, where they manufacture their products while being very environmentally friendly They only use quality raw materials to obtain the best products, and always at the best price on the market. All this with rigorous strict standards, to achieve a traceability and control program and thus guarantee the full quality of its products.
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Buy 100% Pure Almond Oil
100% pure Almond Oil
9,90  PVP