Gel gomina Dr Barber Wax Xtreme

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  • Available 4 fragrances Sport, Vintage, Fruit and the new Seduction
  • Quantity per pot 280 gr or 540 gr, choose yours.
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • With 0 waste
  • With UV sunscreen
  • Strong and delicate fixation with your fur
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Gel gomina Dr Barber Wax Xtreme boat of 280 gr and 540 gr

Do you want to have the best gel gum from Doctor Barberguys? Well, we leave you a series of fragrances for your hair that you will be the king of the party.

Gel gomina Dr Barber Wax Xtreme

Professionals say it is the best fixing gel in the world! We don’t exaggerate! It comes with a new format much more practical. It is perfect for extreme and extravagant hairstyles! It fixes very strong but without damaging your hair, as it is delicate and formulated with very natural ingredients. You won’t need much whenever you comb your hair because of its high density.

Create the most exaggerated and extravagant hairstyles with this gel, hold on longer than you think! It leaves no residue when it dries and is of the quality

No alcohol additions and is suitable for daily use. With 0 waste and UV sunscreen

Choose one of these three fragrances

  • Sport – This smell will remind you of Invictus
  • Vintage – This smell will remind you of Sauvage
  • Fruit – Smell of lollipop that you’ll love
  • Seduction – This smell will remind you of the Hugo Boss fragrance

Dr Barber Wax Xtreme gomina gel at the best price on the market, add it to your basket and you will have it at home very quickly!

The best professional goal at everyone’s fingertips, with the best fragrances to make your hair smell and raise passions!


We have come to be the case of people who have been unhappy with the size of 280 gr. This is because a pot is used too large for the amount it carries. It gives the feeling of being used, also due to the transport it may seem that it is removed.

We care a lot about the well-being of our customers. We emphasize that the pot comes like this, so we have added to the product gallery two boats of different size for people to see and compare. We have already passed on our discomfort to manufacturers and I hope they will fix it.

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Fragrance gel

Frutal (Lollipop) 280 gr, Frutal (Lollipop) 540 gr, Seduction (Hugo Boss) 280 gr, Seduction (Hugo Boss) 540 gr, Sport (Invictus) 280 gr, Sport (Invictus) 540 gr, Vintage (Sauvage) 280 gr, Vintage (Sauvage) 540 gr


Doctor Barber

Doctor Barber is a Spanish national company with residence in Córdoba that is dedicated to products for professional barbers and hairdressers. They are manufacturers of products focused on beard hair and also manufacture many hair products, such as waxes, gels and shampoos. All of them without alcohols, with UV filter. Always with top quality raw materials and aromas of the most avant-garde. THE AUTHENTIC PROFESSIONALS ALWAYS USE DOCTOR BARBER What are you waiting for to try these products? Dr. Barber has been in the world of male hairdressing for more than 70 years, everything they do is good and always will be. The most recognized barbers in Spain undergo rigorous quality controls before bringing a new product to market. Doctor Barber is and will be the best ally of the barber. And above all from customers who want the highest quality products. Do not beg to beg and try them!
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Gel gomina Dr Barber Wax Xtreme
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