DermMatch hair makeup

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  • Hair makeup with natural ingredients
  • Main ingredient Saw Palmetto
  • Resistant to water, sweat, rain, snow, wind
  • 8 different colors to choose from
  • It does not harm the follicle and helps hide dense or bald areas
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DermMatch hair makeup.

What is DermMatch? It is simply a hair makeup made with natural ingredients. The way you use it is focused to disguise parts of the scalp bald or with little hair. It hides low-density areas and works in both men and women and of course on all hair types and skin areas with hair

DermMatch the best hair makeup

To use DermMatch you only have to apply it in the area that you want to hide with little hair. This will give you volume and cover the area by covering the area by covering clares and bald spots. This product is undetectable and will make you get amazing results. The only way to remove DermMatch is by rubbing your hair with shampoos or gels. Of course it is water resistant, and with it you can bathe in the pool or beach without problems of peeling the product. It even withstands rain, wind, snowfall and sweat.

What does the product contain? Each product comes with an individual box of the color you choose, 3 sponges to apply the product, information and user guide

There are a number of makeup colors that you can choose with the color of your hair:

  • Black
  • Dark, medium and light chestnut trees
  • Reddish
  • Grey
  • Blonde
  • White

The most used in the Iberian Peninsula are chestnut trees, depending on your color choosing the most suitable shade.

DermMatch is made with natural ingredients, no invasive chemises that damage the scalp are used. What’s more, they will give you health and soothe and moisturize the skin.

As the main ingredients we have Saw Palmetto a natural remedy for hair loss.

You can use DermMatch night and day without affecting hair growth. DermMatch does not clog hair follicles, let them sweat normally. Only use safe dyes which do not affect hair growth or produce any side effects.

We know that doctors and surgeons trust and advise DermMatch, use them to disguise in their patients scars from post-operative hair transplantation.

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DermMatch colors

Black, Blond, Dark brown, Gray, Light brown, Mediun Brown, Red, White



DermMatch American manufacturer of the best hair makeup on the market. Made completely natural and with the best results. Established for a few years in Europe and already on sale on our website at the best price. If you are going to wear hair makeup that is DermMatch


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DermMatch hair makeup
39,95  PVP