Silkwood beard comb

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  • Size: 9.8 x 5.8 cm.
  • Leather case (synthetic) included
  • Excellent sandalo wood quality
  • Double-sided with two types of spikes

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Comb wood beard sandalo. The best quality for the care of your beard you have with this comb made of wood of 100×100 saddalo. The Bey brand of hair and beard products surprises us with this wonderful professional product within everyone’s reach.

A comb that comes with its brown (synthetic) leather case so you can take it with you everywhere. A high quality product at a phenomenal price. The comb handmade with very accomplished details.

Take care of your beard with this double-sided greenwood comb. With two types of thin, thick spikes. Very easy to carry and with gift case. Works perfectly with all types of beards whether long, short, curly or straight.

Its double side is designed to comb and weave your beard and the other side has standard size teeth to meet your hair and beard needs.

Take care of your beard with the best double comb

The size of use is the most perfect with sizes of 9.8 x 5.8 cm. It will allow you to carry it easily in your hand or any pocket. Thanks to its perfect size it is the most practical and will fit comfortably in your hand and therefore allows a satisfactory experience when you take care of your beard.

Wooden beard comb seedling made with high quality material. 100% natural products have been used. The wood has a look and feel that is completely natural and the finish of this product ensures that the material feels great for your beard but also in your hand.

Natural and antistatic: made of high quality solid wood, resistant at the same time, safe for use and aroma. Natural-looking design, provides antistatic and tangle-free. Double-sided comb, promotes healthy growth and reduces tangles.

Take special care with:

Drop it on hard floors or hit them with other hard objects.
Do not wet the wooden comb in hot water for a long time. If you have to wash them do not forget to dry quickly.
Keep them away from fire and high temperatures
Not all combs are the same, it can have different veins and colors depending on the batch.

Silkwood beard comb The Bey


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The Bey

The Bey cosmetic brand for men, focused especially on professional beard and hair products. Natural products manufactured to satisfy all men in the world. They also have accessories for the beard such as combs, brushes, razors, ect. It is a Spanish brand but they sell products from all over the world.


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Peine barba madera sándalo
Silkwood beard comb
9,90  PVP