Anti Drop Shampoo PH 5.5

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Shampoo Anti Drop PH 5.5 Saw Palmetto eu.

  • Quantity of the bottle 500 ml
  • Strengthens, prevents and protects against hair loss
  • It is soft and frequently used
  • Invigorating and invigorating
  • Improves hair quality and growth
  • Use for all types of people, both men and women,
  • Suitable and recommended after a hair graft
  • Plant Origin Ingredients
  • NO Colorants – NO Silicones – NO Parabens – NO Petroleum Derivatives
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Shampoo Anti Drop PH 5.5 Saw Palmetto eu.

We present a new product of our line of Shampoos. It is an Anti Fall shampoo that strengthens, prevents and protects from hair loss.

A Natural Shampoo with Arginine, Ginseng and Quina with which when using it we will reduce hair loss, due to lack of watering nutrition. Panthenol gives volume and conditions your hair. A new formula that strengthens and nourishes, can also be used for all hair types.

Invigorating and toning by the large amount of activesubstances (minerals and vitamins – group B)of Ginseng. It also improves hair quality and growth by effective and rapid penetration into the lower layers of your skin and scalp. In other people, Quina produces very invigorating effects on your scalp

Saw Palmetto’s anti-fall shampoo is mild and often used. Strengthens, Protects and Prevents hair loss.

Quantity of the bottle 500 ml

The Best PH 5.5 Anti Drop Shampoo

It is the right shampoo and recommended after having a hair graft. A shampoo with PH 5.5 important for hygiene and head wash. After making a capillary ionjerto it is very important to use a suitable cahmpu. To avoid risks and get the best results you will get the operation. With PH5.5 Anti-Anti-Dandruff Shampoo you’ll get it without problems. The satisfaction of the hair graft patient depends on 80 of the postoperative care performed.

Use for all types of people, both men and women,

How to use:

Moisten your hair with warm water, apply shampoo and massage the scalp for a while. Let it act and rinse with plenty of water. Daily use. Massage the area well to lessen the possible tingling sensation that can be felt during the first few days. If you have recently had surgery for hair graft.

High quality product manufactured in Spain and using natural active ingredients.

In addition, they are NOT generically modified and do not contain petroleum derivatives or animal testing and in turn protect the environment. 100 natural and made in Andalusia!

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SanaSur dermocosmetic laboratories where they use natural active ingredients, only use natural products that are not genetically modified, in addition to not containing petroleum derivatives or tested on animals and in turn protect the environment. Based in Sánlucar de Barrameda, Cádiz, they have their own laboratory of 240 meters. They have an extensive range of natural products for skin and hair. They are specialists in completely natural shampoos for daily use.


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Anti Drop Shampoo PH 5.5
13,90  PVP