Minoxidil Side Effects? Does it really work?

Minoxidil Side Effects? Does it really work?

The monoxidil is a vasodilator that was in the beginning taken orally (tablets) for people with hypertension and that by “chance” it was discovered that some patients were given growth of body hair. Which made it seem like it could work if applied topically to treat androgenetic allopetics. Indeed, a topical solution with a concentration of minoxidil 2 was started to be manufactured. Today it is usually used at 5 although it is not actually known exactly because it stimulates the growth of the hair minoxidil.

monxidil side effects

Minoxidil causes vasodilation of the capillaries, which brings more blood to the follicles and causes them to grow more strongly. It also lengthens the anagen phase of the hair, what does this mean?

Hair in its life goes through three phases, the Anagen phase is when the hair begins to grow from scratch usually lasts 3 to 5 years. After the anagen phase arrives the Catagena phase and consists of the hair to grow and lasts about a month in which that hair does not grow anything at all. When this phase is over, the phase arrives Telogenic that basically is that the hair falls, after which the follicle enters a resting phase that lasts approximately another month in which it is at rest and gathering nutrients to start the Anagen phase again and repeat all phases one after the other.

An 87 of people who use minoxidil find a noticeable improvement after about three or four months. As soon as it gives time to replace the hair with the fulfillment of the phases of the hair. Each hair that falls out again becomes thicker because of the minoxidil.

Minoxidil Side Effects

Hair that begins to be affected by alopecia, enters a process called miniaturization that consists of a progressive shortening of all phases. Especially anagena and an affected hair instead of fulfilling the anointation phase in three to five years comes to do it in just days or weeks with which that hair becomes rather hair. When there comes the case that this vellito one day falls and never grows again, healing the follicle, so it would already be totally unrecoverable. This is one of the greatest effects of the monoxidil to lengthen the anagen phase again turning that thin blond hair back into thicker, darker hair, before it comes to heal.

The form of application of this medicine is two milliliters per day, usually distributed in two applications of one milliliter every twelve hours. For more forgetful and comodone people, the two milliliters can be applied only once a day. But it is better one milliliter every 12 hours since that is the life of the product in the bloodstream and applying it twice a day every twelve hours let’s say that the follicle is all day under its effect,

For those of you who wonder if it is applied topically as it passes into the bloodstream? Any product that is applied to the body even topically is absorbed into the bloodstream (lotions, ointments, ointments, etc…)

But not everything will be positive in the effects of minoxidil, it also has its negative side, some of its negative or side effects are as follows.

Minoxidil Side Effects? Does it really work?

The worst of all is that if you leave it in a few months you return to your original hair state, that is, you lose all the hair that you had recovered with its use.

Another side effect is the growth of body hair throughout the body because even if it works localized. As it is also systematically absorbed by the body makes hair grow throughout the body. It does not give birth hair where there was not, but if there are blond vellitos these can grow and become thicker and darker.

Also and because of the alcohol it carries causes dry scalp. That usually affects people with skin already dry, if you have oily skin you usually do better. It also produces eccemas and redness for the same reason (alcohol). There are foam formats that usually avoid these problems on the skin, it is a matter of testing the different brands existing.

The sheding effect (greater hair loss than before using minoxidil) is another negative effect although this is usually explained in such a way that the body brings in more hairs in the telogen phase so that the next hair in the anagen phase are stronger and healthier hairs.

Headaches, this usually occurs to people who already tend to suffer from headaches or migraine, by increasing the peripheral circulation of the scalp can occur that headaches that usually go with use.

In case of any very constant unwanted effects you should go to your doctor to see if to continue or discontinue treatment.

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Minoxidil Side Effects? Does it really work?

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