Treatment methods for alopecia

Treatment methods for alopecia

Prescribing treatment with certain medications or procedures should be done after careful analysis and a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient. For men who notice the mildest signs and symptoms of alopecia, the best option would be to see a dermatologist,who will consult and be able to identify the disease even at an early stage.

The main task is to identify the cause of the disease, so that you can choose the optimal treatment and, by eliminating the main cause, it will prevent further development and spread of alopecia.

The treatment process consists of three stages:

  • Measures to prevent further increase in baldness area
  • Normalization of the functioning of hair follicles,for which medications, heating, laser radiation and other medicines are used. Procedures
  • The use of complex proteins to improve the quality of the hair and restore its structure.

Androgenic alopecia requires complex treatment, i.e. along with medical procedures, the patient must take the medicines prescribed by the doctor. The main method for treating male pattern baldness is masotherapy, which is a subcutaneous injection of special medications to stop the development of the disease.

If a patient has a hormonal nature of the disease, a hormonal drug complex will be prescribed along with masotherapy.

In the event that the progress of baldness has already affected certain areas of the head, to restore the hair lining, hair transplantation of the hair follicles is used. Such treatment gives the most effective results, and today is the only way to recover lost hair as a result of androgenic alopecia. Treatment methods for alopecia

different types of alopecia in men

Preventing baldness in men

Since the treatment of male pattern baldness is quite laborious and time-consuming, it is best to take preventive measures to prevent the disease. It is worth noting that the basis of disease prevention lies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • First, try to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle: exercise, spend enough time outdoors, and keep bad habits to a minimum.
  • Second, diet also affects the risk of developing alopecia. The best helpers in the fight against the disease will be fresh vegetables and fruits, natural products and vitamin complexes.
  • Third, choose a suitable shampoo and hair conditioner, use a personal comb, and periodically perform restoration procedures to maintain a healthy look.
  • Fourth, to maintain hair health and strength, as well as to strengthen the body’s immunity, multivitamin preparations will not be superfluous, but before taking them, you should consult your personal physician to clarify the dose and certain brand of Medications. As we also advise taking Xpecia to maintain the best compounds that help hair maintenance avoiding its fall
  • Fifthly, to stimulate hair follicles do not stop getting a periodic massage on your head, the best option is to enroll in a treatment procedure, where warm-up, cleansing and hydration treatments and dandruff removal are performed along with the massage.

These simple tips will prevent baldness and keep your hair beautiful and strong for many years to come.

There are two bad and good news about alopecia

types of alopecia and treatments La Buena: Focal alopecia is treated quite successfully, especially if it is not delayed and on the first sign to visit the dermatologist.

Bad: if the treatment didn’t work, in cosmetic terms it’s always a big earthquake.

Spots often change location. They are too grown, and when people are already happily noticing that the hair has recovered, the spotlights begin to appear in a new place with their previous activity.

The spots wander over the head. If the home was on the back of the head, there is no guarantee that it will not appear on the chair or forehead.

What does this mean? As a general rule, even with total alopecia, the hair follicles are alive. Therefore, the appearance of parts has nothing to do with the death of the follicle.

Sometimes a point the size of a coin disappears and disappears. Worse, when the spots begin to fuse, completely displacing the scalp.

If a small stain can be masked with hair, then with the appearance of multiple spots, this will not be possible.

How to modify the capillary system with focal alopecia?

If the points are multiple, then treatment has to be done all over the head.

In addition, they usually have to shave their hair, as the remains of their own hair are usually very hard and thick.

Even with total alopecia, a person can walk without a wig system or without a headdress. But focal alopecia seems extremely unattractive to others, as it resembles stains of a contagious disease.

Naturally, people around them will avoid contact with a person with focal alopecia, although it is not absolutely contagious and is not transmitted in any way to others.

Often, the process develops so quickly that to get an orderly hair treatment, the lesions often change location or fuse into large areas of baldness.

Treatment is performed for approximately 2 months, during this time significant changes may occur.

Hair transplant

One of the treatment methods for alopecia is hair transplantation on the head is a modern approach that allows people to become owners of beautiful natural strands, even with a high baldness stage. The fall often begins unexpectedly.

The appearance of bald patches becomes a source of stress and depression. This brings considerable discomfort and results in many complexes. But nowadays, aesthetic medicine allows you to forget about this problem. Everything’s in order.

The method of hair restoration by hair transplant has become widespread in recent decades. With its beginnings with the FUT technique which took the follicles from a piece of skin that was extracted from the back of the head. Leaving a big scar. And with the improved FUE technique which removes the follicles one by one and implants them in the receiving area. We’ll talk more about these more advanced techniques in another article.

Hair transplantation is a required procedure, both among the male and female population. But it enjoys the greatest popularity among men.

The operation is carried out exclusively in specialized clinics. You have the right to make them only graduates. After surgery, the transplanted curls are no different from normal hair, even in a detailed examination. They grow naturally, their structure remains unchanged.

Hair transplant surgery is recommended when other treatments don’t help.

Treatment methods for alopecia

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  1. Good article on hair loss. One thing to add here: If you have diffused hair loss (=thinning all over the scalp), hair transplant is not going to be helpful. Diffused hair thinning is common among women than men. Thanks for sharing!


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