L-Cistina it is and what it is for

L-Cistina it is and what it is for

L-Cistina it is and what it is forL-Cistina (L-Cysteine) is naturally known as a non-essential sulphuramino. That is present in the structure of the hair. It is part of some digestive enzymes and also constitutes different antibodies or immunoglobulins, important for the immune system.

It can be found in a wide variety of foods. Its formation occurs when cysteine is oxidized, and the amount of cystine in the blood can be increased, which is also easily evaluated by a urine test.

A non-essential amino acid indicates that it can be obtained through foods rich in its precursor element and that our body is also prepared to produce it internally. This is good to know to incorporate it into our diet, although you can also find L-Cistina supplements to incorporate this amino acid into our body.

Some important substances produced to comply with different vital processes originate from this amino acid. Such substances in which cystine functions as a precursor is insulin, which regulates blood glucose and glutathione that actively intervenes in the body’s antioxidant processes.

Essential Functions of L-Cystine

Cystine acts to remove toxins from the liver, including poisoning and overdose of some medications such as acetaminophen or acetaminophen. It is also used as a detoxitor for inhalations of carbon monoxide. Cystine protects the liver and that’s where most of the synthesis and assimilations of medications, food, among other processes vital to humans occur.

When people overtake alcoholic beverages, adding vices of smoking, it is cysteine that comes out to the brain’s rescue and protects it from all these harmful toxins that the body ends up absorbing.

L-Cistina which is and what it is for. Understanding what cystine serves, globally in the body, it serves a primary function, it is a precursor to glutathione. It is an important compound involved in the development of the immune system by acting directly on the antioxidant processes that occur in the body.

How does L-Cistina benefit our health?

The benefits of L-Cistina are very diverse, while direct benefits to our health are generated, verifiable by multiple scientific studies.

It works against airway, lung diseases, regardless of whether they are chronic or not. It complies with mucolytic properties that decongests the airways in lung disease or bronchitis.

Its antioxidant power greatly influences athletic ability and performance. Avoid the stress caused by low glutathione after intense physical activity. Just as it prevents muscle fatigue of athletes.

Improves joint mobility in people with arthritis, promotes rapid recovery of the skin in the face of burns, making wounds heal more easily.

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L-Cistina Helps Fight Cancer

By fulfilling its natural antioxidant function, cystine helps block all free radicals that can harm the body, being able to prevent some types of this serious disease such as cancer.

Obtaining cysteine through food

Cystine can be incorporated into the daily diet by integrating protein foods. Red meats, eggs, derived from milk and fish will provide you with this amino acid, as will some vegetables such as onion, garlic, sunflower oil and broccoli.

Another healthy way to stimulate the natural production of L-Cisteina occurs by consuming B-complex vitamin supplements and folic acid that helps control nutrient levels and thus take advantage of optimal cystine production.

Vitamins are taken without regard to the other foods you eat, which may also promote cystine production. If consuming L-cistin directly do not exceed 7 gr per day.

Contraindications of L-Cistina

It is not dangerous to intake this supplement, let alone obtaining it through food, however, the only precaution is to avoid unsupervised consumption in patients with kidney or liver damage.

L-Cistina it is and what it is for

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