Learn about the benefits of Keratin

Learn about the benefits of Keratin

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about keratin, but you don’t know what it is, or what it really works for. This protein is very fashionable today for its wide use as a cosmetic product. Especially for hair and skin care.

Keratin is a protein closely linked to the health of nails, hair and skin, in fact, it is the one that makes up its outer layer that gives it its shape. This type of protein has a resistant structure that contains sulfur.

Another name by which they are known is keratin, by its English name “keratin” or other commercial products called “keratine”. There are two types of keratin depending on its structure and composition. One of them is alpha keratin, this type of protein has in its structure an amino acid known as cysteine, along with disulfide bridges that make it very resistant, this is the one that we find in the nails, can be very hard.

Strengthens hair fibers

Beta keratin now does not contain cysteine, thus gaining elasticity, acquiring the characteristics of a spider web. Both types perform the same protection and structure functions, although alpha keratin, through specific treatments, can become beta keratin, due to the loss of cysteine in its structure.

Learn about the benefits of Keratin

What it serves to use keratin and knows the benefits of Keratin

By its nature and composition, keratin will always have a protective function, the layer that this protein forms, prevents the free passage of external agents into the structure it protects.

A skin formed with the amount of keratin optimal will be firm, but soft and stimulating the formation of collagen that prevents or decreases wrinkles in the skin. Nails also owe their hardness to this protein and in general, it regulates cell growth.

The most effective way to get keratin is through the external application, as it is impossible to obtain it from other sources. The only thing that is possible is to consume foods rich in proteins and amino acids that contribute to their natural formation in the epidermal layers.

By consuming lean meats and dairy products, they encourage our body to make keratin.

Keratin for hair

This type of fibrous keratin is present in the hair forming an outer layer of microfibers. One of the magical reasons that make hair look shiny is achieved thanks to nature.

A group of alpha keratin present in the hair, can become beta, only by adding water and heat, causing the hair to increase its length. Giving the appearance of higher volume. Hair keratin also protects its interior from the empty skeleton, just as it influences its brightness and color.

So by applying keratin to your hair on a regular basis, in addition to being an excellent idea, you will be contributing to avoid its deterioration, take care of it from polluting external agents and in general, maintain a good quality hair.

Benefits when using keratin

Keratin is best known for its different treatments that are performed on the hair, rather than on nails or skin, so we will focus on showing what are the benefits of a keratin application in the hair and some benefits of having this compound present on nails and skin.

From the color of the skin, to its elasticity is due to the presence of keratin. So, in his absence, we’d have brittle, unhealthy skin.

Nails also benefit from this protein

Other benefits of keratin in the hair

  • Strengthens hair fibers, making it resistant, shiny and bulky.
  • Over time and lack of care, hair ages and loses nutrients. Keratin helps restore its natural state.
  • Smooths hair and improves appearance despite frizzy hair

The use of keratin in the hair is recommended for optimal results. However, you should consider the type of treatment to use, since there is a great variety, some will be restoration, others to smooth or give it volume.

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Learn about the benefits of Keratin

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