Learn more about Essential Fatty Acids

Learn more about Essential Fatty Acids. These are substances that the human body cannot produce, but at the same time are essential for optimal functioning. These fatty acids are essentially the omega 3and and omega 6; from which a good number of sub-types are released. These substances are required for cell regeneration, tissue formation, neural activity, maintenance of heart function, lower cholesterol levels and much more.

Essential Fatty Acids for the Benefit of Hair

Since they cannot be produced by the body itself, it is necessary that the human being provides his body with products that will provide him with these acids. These substances can be entered into the system in different forms, essentially from fish, nuts and various types of seeds.

Essential fatty acids are very important for proper functioning of the body and also for maintaining essential tissues such as skin and hair. In the case of hair, essential fatty oils play a transcendental role in your health and aesthetics.

Importance of Essential Hair Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are the ones that make up the lipid membrane of each strand of hair and it is this film that prevents the hair from losing hydration and nutrients; in addition, they favor the strengthening of the hair. It is also one of the common causes of hair loss. This is not to mention that these substances also promote cell regeneration, which implies, in the case of hair, the possibility of keeping it always young.

If you suffer from the absence of essential acids in your hair, it will become weak, brittle and dry; features that no one wants for his hair. Thus, hair rich in essential fatty acids will look healthy, shiny, abundant, strong and manageable.

These are substances that should not be neglected and that due to the characteristics of the organism it is necessary that we provide them through different means ideally.

How to provide Hair with Essential Fatty Acids?

Since the body cannot synthesize essential fatty acids, it is essential that products with high content of these substances so important to the body are ingested or applied. To have a hair in ideal conditions, it will be necessary to promote the presence of these acids.

Diet will always be a viable means to provide the body, including hair, with essential fatty acids. Products such as fish, olive oil, seeds, nuts, among others should be ingested. However, for a more optimal use of the hair cells, the application of products rich in these substances are an ideal alternative:

Camellia Oil

This oil has a significant amount of omega 3 and omega 6; so the use of this in hair treatments will have excellent results in this. To apply it, you can make use of products that contain this oil: shampoos, conditioners, among others.

But the use of natural blends is recommended. One of the forms of application may be the following:

  • Wash your hair in a traditional way. It is recommended to use products without
    sulfates for better effects.
  • They are placed in the hands of 4 to 5 drops of camellia oil and applied throughout the
    hair, with special attention on the tips.

Olive Oil

This oil is known for its multiple benefits, among them it is rich in essential fatty acids. The hair will greatly benefit with the application of this product in it directly.

This product can be used as a mask when mixed with others of hair benefit: avocado, coconut oil, honey, among others. For a simple treatment, simply place a little olive oil in the hair, leave it acting and rinsing; about twice a week.

Learn more about Essential Fatty Acids

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