Finasteride and its side effects

Finasteride and its side effects.

Personal experience with alopecia. First of all let me know that this is not our personal opinion and we do not encourage anyone to take or take a medicine. That should only be done by a doctor, we will only tell the experience of one of our clients with alopecia.

Because of my early alopecia, which began over the age of 15-16 I have gone through countless treatments. From the ancient blisters of placenta that only put my hair greasy, hair lotions of “plants” that were more alcohol than anything else, miraculous anti-fall shampoos. Lightning sessions with some kind of glass blisters that gave as current in the head, the laser that was one of the last things that I tried Leaving me a lot of money in “famous hair franchises” and even more illusions for nothing, because nothing, nothing stopped my Alopecia.

Then the minoxidil appeared. Back then, expensive!! 5, 000 pesetas a month 30o now and that although it did not stop it, more than the above did. Then the Finasteride appeared, under a name that I will not say but that cost a pasture, 10,000 pesetas of the time (60o) per month. But I said…. it’s my last chance and I buy them. Then the light came on, my alopecia stopped and began to retract. In about six months, I got new hair. But little hard my joy because within a week of taking them began the pains in the testicles.

Finasteride and its most unknown side effects

Ask the dermatologist about finasteride and its side effects. When I started to get interested in the possible effects, it scared the hell out of me, but I continued to take them. Possible effects were, reduced libido, possible impotence and even infertility, problems with ejaculating or even total disappearance of ejaculation, swelling of the lips, breast augmentation(Gynecomastia),widening of hips, depression, heart problems etc.

Finasteride and its side effects A real madness, but well I wanted to have hair, as at the moment I had no symptoms and the doctor told me that that only happened on rare occasions I kept taking them about a year. But then my fears began to confirm and I started to have problems, those dreaded side effects came, the testicular and also lower belly pains were on the rise. In addition to others that did not even appear in the leaflet. But that already with the arrival of the Internet I was able to confirm that it happened to more people, because I had no idea what was happening to me and because, one of the most serious was the so-called BRAIN FOG or brain fog.

Suddenly I would like that I did not know where I was, mental confusion, I did not remember suddenly what I was going to do, I struggled to talk as if I was high, if I was talking to someone, they would tell me and ask me if I was ok and that they did not understand me , it was distressing, I went to the doctor but they did not know that it could be, another was cloudy vision, suddenly my eyes were clouded, dizziness and was
It was like a light in front of my eyes that of course there was no other way to explain it.

One of the most serious is the BRAIN FOG or brain fog.

I went to the eye doctor because I thought I needed glasses and nothing in order, they did me up to a tac, a test to see if it was a brain thing and not all normal. I couldn’t imagine it was from the finasteride.

It is when I happen to arrive at a forum in the hair issues and treatments, and I saw that what happened to me was side effects of said drug, there have been cases of depression and brain fog so severe that have led some people to suicide. In the US there are even million-dollar demands on the lab that created that drug and a multitude of associations of Affected by post-Finasteride syndrome.

As soon as I discovered that I don’t have to say I quit instantly and it still takes a few months to get back to normal, but as far as I know I don’t have any sequel After that I decided to shave off and move on from alopecia, health came first. So it was several years before a relative of mine went to Turkey to have a hair transplant operation and when I returned I first saw Xpecia. Seeing that it was natural and checking on the Internet that it was natural I decided to try it. I didn’t lose anything, I combined it with minoxidil at 5 and the results couldn’t be more hopeful. In just two months of taking it, I started to see little dark hairs peeking out where only blond vasands used to appear. That encouraged me a lot and continued to take them.

The bad thing is that they only existed in Turkey and it was very difficult to get, every time I knew that someone was going to operate I would order some boxes, I also once asked Turkey but in fear that they would stop me at customs and take it away from me when it was not authorized even in Spain . And so I’ve managed to take them for a year. Now thanks to I can have it in my house comfortably and that gives me a lot of peace of mind.

Greetings and thank you very much again.

Finasteride and its side effects

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