The Shedding effect

Shedding effect. First of all add that this effect is NOT produced by Xpecia. We are asked a lot about the shedding effect and we always add that Xpecia does not cause Shedding effect.

What about the Shedding effect?

The shedding effect is only the transition of the follicle from one growth phase to a resting phase, with it beginning to grow after a period of time afterwards. The shedding effect is not the definitive hair loss. It is not therefore a question of the hairs disappearing and not coming out again, but only the follicles change phases.

Many customers and friends when I recommended minoxidil soon came back telling me that they had left it. That if I go cloth what I had recommended them. And that they were getting balder since they used it. It didn’t happen to everyone, but it was many. And here’s why this happens.

Hair Treatments.

Let’s start with the principle that no treatment stops hair loss instantly. Since, first there are many follicles that at the time of starting treatment are in telogenicphase. That is, in the phase in which they fall to give new follicle. And others in the catagen phase in which the follicle is stopped, grows neither growing nor doing anything, completely inactive. The others in the anagen phase which is the normal phase of growth. For this reason it is impossible for a treatment to take effect instantly.

which is the shedding effect
Hair phases

Normally, a treatment will start working at three to four months. That is when the body begins to assimilate such treatment and above all that is when the first results in the hair begins to be noticed.

Because it happens? Is it Normal?
It is something completely normal for this to occur during the first weeks or months of starting treatment. On the contrary to what many people think, it’s a very good thing. Because it means the treatment is working. If this happens it will only be something that will last a short time until everything returns to normal. Which also doesn’t mean that the fact that it doesn’t have that effect isn’t working for him.

All this happens because the body restarts the hair phases. Many of them are weak and thin hair. And these are “reset” to the telogenic phase, that is, drop. It seems like an alarming thing, but in reality it’s not a bad thing. Since the next hair to grow will be stronger and more vigorous. There will be no definitive hair loss and no damage will be created at the follicular level. Out thin and weak hair and welcome healthy and strong hair.

So then isn’t shedding bad?

No, shedding is not bad, on the contrary it is a good thing, but I repeat if it does not happen to you does NOT mean that it is not working. However, this should be temporary and that when continuing treatment should subside. If this fall persists for example more than 4 months then it is no longer shedding and may be due to other reasons other than treatment. Like overwork, nervousness, stress, etc. There are also times when it falls, plus hair naturally, are so-called seasonal falls or telogen effluvium.

Then with constancy and patience,two keywords in any hair treatment process, the hair will recover and become stronger and healthily. This will happen about six to twelve months after initiating such treatment. Normally treatments such as Xpecia and Hairforte usually continue to improve our hair until about 24 or 30 months after which they tend to park, continuing the treatment in maintenance mode.

The shedding effect should not be appreciated by taking xpecia. Although well, every person is a world. Over three or four months directly there is usually a decrease in the fall, and as the case may be, a recovery of hair and change of appearance considerably. Every twelve months of taking xpecia is recommended by the manufacturer a break of about 30 to 60 days so that the body does not get used to the intake of its components.

Conclusion on the shedding effect

The Shedding effect is normal due to hair loss in its phases, and that due to a treatment can speed up the process. Everyone loses hair every day, or has alopecia problems.

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