Hair Cloning

Hair Cloning

Hair is a more than important element in people’s image; it’s rather decisive. No one would doubt that hair is a fundamental part of a person’s identity. The way we wear our hair, its color, its shape has a decisive influence on how we feel and how others see us. It is because of all this that when something does not go well with the hair, it becomes a real image problem; that can have a very negative impact on a person. Baldness is one of the worst drawbacks that can be had with the hair and with the image.

People who have had in misfortune to suffer baldness make great efforts to restore the health of their scalp and hair; however, so far, there has been no definitive solution to this problem. This circumstance is prompt to change definitively.

A Solution to Baldness?

A solution to the status of alopecia has long been sought. It has been experimented with all kinds of natural, artificial products and much more. However, it does not appear that a definitive solution has been found, so far. Currently, scholars and scientists are working on hair cloning. This method has already been tested in lab mice, with great success; however, work is still being made to try to apply it in the human body.

Capillary cloning consists of mother cell work, laboratory cloning and subsequent implantation in the area affected by baldness. According to the researchers’ proposal, from the implanted follicles, new hair will begin to grow. The new follicle has not yet been achieved to generate hair as strong as desired; this is the problem that scientists are working on today. When the human follicle is implanted in the scalp, it does not appear to have all the necessary faculties, so it does not generate the most optimal strands. However, everything seems to indicate that it will be possible to achieve the solution to this difficulty very soon and in this way make capillary cloning available to interested parties.

What is the Hair Clone Process like?

This process is quite simple, thanks to the impressive development of genetic engineering; the next steps would be as follows:

Stem cell extraction. These cells contain a lot of genetic information in their purest form.

I work on the cells. In the laboratory, cells are cloned to reproduce them artificially.

Implantation of cells in the scalp. Cloned cells are inserted into the area of the skull that has been affected by alopecia. However, this procedure cannot be carried out in any aesthetics, as it requires complex processes that can only be carried out in specialized laboratories and with highly qualified personnel. So there are still a lot of doubts to be clarified: what will be the cost, how long will the results be seen, will the hair growth be permanent?, among others.

Who can apply Hair Clone?

Anyone, male or female, who has been affected by androgenic alopecia can aspire to the solution of their problem by capillary cloning. Which is excellent news, as it is the most common type of baldness. Unfortunately, those interested in doing so will have to wait for researchers to find a way to make this method completely safe and effective. It seems that the application of this method effectively will be an unquestionable result, but that it will occur in the long term, not before 10 years.

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