Hair shampoos

Within the wide range of products of hair shampoo we have selected a special range for hair loss. Shampoos specially focused to recover lost hair or strengthen it to prevent its fall. Even anti dandruff shampoos

We have mainly selected a range that is completely natural. It is clear that the less chemical we put in the head the better it will be and the more use we can give it.

Our main selected ingredients are Saw Palmetto , as it is a natural blocker of DHT. The Arginine the Ginseng and Quina, the best vitamins and minerals for your hair. We just want you to fight against alopecia and use the best hair products such as these hair loss shampoos .

We will continue to update our catalog with sherry vinegar shampoo, anti-seborrheic shampoos . And always with the best brands focused on hair and recovery.

Our shampoos are indicated and recommended when you have a hair graft. They are usually Neutral PH 5.5 , which is the best you can use when you undergo a hair transplant. For daily use of both women and men. And of course if it is not focused on any type of hair, whether oily or dry you can use them for all hair types.

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