Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

Biotin: In cosmetology this substance is mysterious in many ways called “vitamin of beauty.” It is one of the most important for women who want to look stunning at any age. Doctors also pay homage to biotin, calling it “the most paradoxical vitamin of all those known to science.”

Biotin is inherently a water-soluble B vitamin, but has several different names:

  • coenzyme R
  • vitamin b7
  • vitamin H

Under any of them, the substance can be included in the composition of medical preparations, dietary supplements or cosmetics.

What is this vitamin? Its main paradox is that it participates in all metabolic processes in the human body, but the need for this substance is extremely small. People rarely face a real vitamin B7 deficiency.

Even when an acute shortage of a whole range of vitamins and microelements is diagnosed, biotin in patients during a diagnostic examination is almost never included in this list.

History of vitamin B7, B8 or Vitamin H

Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

Surprisingly, vitamin H was discovered four times and each time received a new name.


Coenzyme R owes its first discovery to one of the scholars, Wilderson. He worked on the study of yeast bacteria and accidentally identified a substance that promotes their growth.

This momentous event occurred in the early 20th century and became the biotin’s birthday. The name for him that Wilderson found in Greek, chose the word “bios”. Its translation is very symbolic, it means “life”.

The scientist describes it in detail in his writings. But the additional study was suspended for unknown reasons. Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

Vitamin h

Approximately 15 years after the first mention of biotin in the scientific world, his research was continued by biologists. A group of scientists led by Beteman organized an experiment with rats, limiting their diet to raw eggs.

According to the theory, such a diet was supposed to provide animals with access to a large amount of proteins that have a good impact on the health and appearance of rodents. But the scientists got the opposite effect:

  • muscle bloating
  • skin problems

After the introduction of boiled buds into the diet, the situation has stabilized. Rats have become extremely active, their brain activity has increased several times and the fur has gained a healthy glow.

Deficiency of not taking biotin causes decreased appetite, dermatitis, achromatia and hair loss.

A few years later, the research team managed to isolate the substance contained in the egg yolk and it became such an effective medicine. It is called “vitamin H” from the abbreviation of the German word “haut” (in translation, it means “skin”).

Vitamin B7

Around the 1930s, biotin was rediscovered. It was discovered completely randomly and quite attributed to B vitamins.


In the 1940s, Kegl became interested in the mysterious substance. For several years he moved to his selection in free crystalline form. As a result of the hard work, the scientist obtained the necessary form of the substance and called it “biotin”, which can be translated as “necessary for life”.

It soon became clear that scientists, literally, in half a century, several times discovered the same substance. The scientific community made an unprecedented decision to retain all previously given name data and use it equally. Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

What foods contain biotin?

Like many other vitamins, coenzyme R can be obtained from food. It is contained in many products and is well absorbed from them. Since a healthy adult’s daily requirement for biotin is only 50 micrograms, it can be easily obtained during meals on a balanced diet. So what foods contain biotin?

Richer vitamin B7:

  • Egg yolks
  • Chicken liver
  • Kidneys
  • Vegetables
  • Yeast crops
  • Nuts
  • Cauliflower

You can get biotin from the following products:

  • Mushrooms
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Avocado
  • Spinach

To eliminate vitamin H deficiency, nutritionists recommend that you enter your daily diet:

  • Soy
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots and potatoes
  • Dairy products (cheese, cream, sour cream)
  • Cereal dishes
  • Strawberries

The human body is also capable of producing coenzyme R. This process occurs in the gut due to the bacteria that live in it. Doctors say that the biotin produced in this way is absorbed by the body at 100 and completely covers the need for it. But breaking down the production of your own vitamin H is very simple. The process is adversely affected:

  • Taking antibiotics
  • Alcohol
  • Digestive problems
  • The presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the gut.

Scientists have shown that poor ecology also eliminates the production and absorption of vitamin H.

Some of the beneficial properties of Biotin

Biotin is the substance that is involved in all metabolic processes. It belongs to the group of coenzymes that are necessary for enzymes to perform chemical reactions. This only makes microvitamin indispensable for adults and children.

For hair, biotin is as important as it is for skin and nails. It provides sulfur atoms to the structure of hair, nail plates and skin tissues. Because of this, a person is externally transformed:

  • Hair gets a healthy glow
  • A beautiful complexion appears
  • Strong nails

Vitamin H normalizes the sebaceous glands. With sufficient intake in the body, the fat content of the skin is significantly reduced and the curls remain fresh and not dirty.

Without vitamin B7,it is impossible to start glucose processing, as it is an active participant in carbohydrate metabolism in the body. Biotin interacts with insulin, thus regulating blood sugar levels. Because of these properties, micro vitamin has a serious effect on the nervous system.

Your cells need glucose, which is the main source of nutrition, for normal functioning.

Biotin helps against alopecia

At the same time, biotin contributes to better absorption of all B vitamins and folic acid, which also has a positive effect on the nervous system.

Nutritionists say that people with obesity to varying degrees are deficient in coenzyme R. It participates in lipid metabolism and breaks down fats effectively, contributing to its rapid removal from the body.

It is impossible to imagine the process of blood formation without a micro vitamin. It is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, helping to saturate cells and tissues with oxygen. At the same time, biotin contributes to the production of carbon dioxide, so respiratory function without it is virtually impossible.

Doctors call the following beneficial properties of vitamin H:

  • Participation in the cell division
  • Incorporation of enzymes that form the tissues of muscles and internal organs
  • Assistance in the course of all biochemical reactions

In addition to all of the above, biotin is involved in the work of the thyroid gland and helps form DNA molecules.

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Biotin: Useful properties and counter-indications

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