Benefits of isoflavones and what they are for

Benefits of isoflavones and what they are for

Benefits of soy isoflavones and what they are for. Phenols extracted from a plant, known as soy isoflavones, have a female hormone-like structure, estrogens. That similarity makes them have the same effects on the body as the hormone.

Isoflavones come from the soybean plant and have the same elements as a dietary food, however, it contains this valuable element: Isoflavones, a group of natural substances that acts as the female hormone on the body.

This compound can be consumed naturally in the foods that contain it. As is done in China, you should increase your soy intake to get its nutrients, which in turn contain this phytoestrogen-type hormone.

Benefits of isoflavones and what they are for

What is this Soy Isoflavones phytoestrogen for?

Isoflavones are used as a secondary therapeutic option to regulate and relieve symptoms during the menopause process and all the hormonal imbalances it generates, as well as serves as a treatment for osteoporosis.

Its effect is low compared to the real hormone, hence it is recommended as a complementary treatment.

Positive effects of soy isoflavones

Soy has antioxidant properties that naturally contribute to the elimination of free radicals, increasing its ability to control the symptoms that menopause causes, these are its main functions.

Prevent osteoporosis by preventing bone decalcifying. It does not influence bone density as some make you believe, simply by the same estrogenic effect easily mobilizing calcium directly into the bones. It also promotes the absorption of calcium, which prior to treatment, could have been blocked by low estrogen content in the body.

Isoflavones have the ability to act in each estrogen receptor area selectively. Being mostly found in organs and tissues, in which the entire nervous system stands out, i.e. marrow, arteries and brain.

Even under study is the possibility of fighting cancer cells by the residual effect of phytoestrogen. It turns out that from inhibition of some enzymes could control the proliferation of bad cells that cause cancer.

Fight menopause with Soy Isoflavones

This is the best remedy to combat the unpleasant effects of menopause and is also the right time to start treatment with Isoflavones.

During this period of changes phytoestrogen is a great low-impact treatment that is supplemented with vitamin D and calcium. In that combination they can reverse eventual damage from menopause and relieve annoying symptoms such as sweatshirt, moodiness, stress, depression and anxiety.

A woman who is going through the menopause stage is more vulnerable to the chance of osteoporosis. The alterations that occur are varied in each woman, but the risk of osteoporosis is always latent. Here comes the physiological factor that inhibits calcium assimilation and age, being that a woman over 50 is possible to suffer osteoporosis.

Some exceptions to soy isoflavones consumption

Given its similarity to the hormonal effect, care should also be taken with its consumption, in addition that doses and problems that can be treated with isoflavones are still studied. Some contraindications show that its use should be restricted in people who are prone to allergies to their components.

Those with thyroid conditions may be affected by isoflavones, just as it can affect other treatments currently being given, even cancer treatment may lose its effect.

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Benefits of isoflavones and what they are for

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