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Saw Palmetto – Online store of natural products with serene repens – sawpalmetto Do you have hair losses? Don’t worry, it’s a solution. Remedy him before it’s too late. Get your hair loss treatment and in 3 months you’ll notice the results. Whether you’re a man or a woman, we have a special treatment for you. Best of all it works!! The best treatment for alopecia and more when you’ve just had hair graft surgery. You’ll need it to keep your hair longer. In the Saw palmetto store you can buy the best products to improve your hair. DHT blockers, lifeline, saw palmetto shampoos, hair tonics, fibers and hair makeups. The best products with saw-palmetto. Xpecia men, xpecia woman, shampoos, hair forte, biotin

Treatments for androgenic alopecia with Sawpalmetto

We are Importers & Distributors of Xpecia Tablet in Spain and Europe. Both women and men. Why buy from our store? Because we import them through legal channels to Spain, passing all sanitary and customs controls. So you can rest assured of what you are buying! Choose among the categories that we have here below what you are looking for, remember that we have a search engine at the top.

Best-selling xpeciaTablet products

The best deals in our packs, take advantage of these discounts!

Doctor Barber’s New Products

Fixing waxes either liquid or powdered. Professional fixing gels for a natural hairstyle without clogging. Beard-specific shampoos, gray hair shampoos. A professional range at your fingertips with the best quality!!

New Oils and Serums for hair

Products that can not miss in the care of your hair. More ecological and natural essential oils focused on hair. Organic and Vegan hair serum. A whole range of 100×100 natural and BIO products. Organic and natural vegetable oils, essential oils and Serum.

Why choose us?

In we only distribute products that are fully tested and under health registration No. 26.019446/CA

All our products are original 100×100

We only work with the best brands in the market, no copies!

From the factory to our facilities, without intermediaries and with the best prices.

We are very serious with customers, we ship fast and without delay.

Completely confidential orders,we send without any logo or advertising.

Keeping your privacy as a principle.

We try to keep the best prices on the market.

We are a small company and we know that above us there are large corporations that crush us.

We maintain the best prices for hair care products.

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